Words can’t describe my gratitude for everything that has and is taking place in my life. I believe Jen truly has a gift that gets to be expressed through her coaching.

This is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I know I’m still in the fledgling stage. But hungrier now more than ever. We’re just getting started!
— Brian E.
With Jen, I learned how to empower myself, to discern people and situations better which has helped me with navigating life. I also learned how to set boundaries, develop self acceptance and self love. These qualities have help me to feel confident and more at peace.
— Sheila I.
Jennifer brings an intangible enthusiasm to the teaching environment that produces very positive results. My (initially skeptical) staff have greatly appreciated their time with her.
— Ann F.
I recently attended a health seminar that Jennifer gave at my workplace. She helped me understand the process of change and learn how I can increase my chances at success [at quitting smoking] this time around. Jennifer was/is an exceptional presenter and I would recommend her to others who may seek guidance for faster action in their health goals.
— Ron W.
My conversations with Jennifer provided an opportunity to dig deeper into things I already knew or sensed about myself, as well as some that she noticed and called to my attention. I was able to see some things in a new light and have clarity around my personal gifts and possibilities. The coaching calls and the work that followed really gave me new perspectives and confidence for living into my authentic self.

Jennifer’s demeanor is calming, gentle and approachable, and it was easy to sense empathy and feel a quick connection with her. She honored the way I asked her to work with me and never made me feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. The only thing I would change is to record the sessions so that I can revisit the insights!
— Donna D.
I found Jennifer to be a refreshingly non-judgmental coach. I felt that she consistently met me where I was at and allowed me to progress at my own rate. Her approach was flexible and cumulative, building a strong foundation from which I could explore my life.
— Gail H.
I appreciate the transformation process that Jennifer guided me through. She communicates her views with candor and professionalism, she has fantastic instincts and skills, and she has patiently guided me to a much better outcome than going it alone. I highly recommend Jennifer Winick Miller as a coach.
— Mike H.
An extrovert, I love being around people and involved with activities. But, I took to heart what you said about having time with myself and I’ve been giving attention to that lately. I’ve been surprised to find that I’m a much more pleasant person lately.
— Kate N.
Thank you so much, Jennifer! I feel more enlivened than I have in a long time. I appreciate the attention that you gave to reading my resume and to helping me look at myself and my experiences differently. I am so excited to work on this again. It was really helpful to have you on the outside, looking in. I’m feeling much more positive and confident!
— Rosanna B.