My "Why"

in it
for the kids.
For the kid in me
and for the kid in you.
For the kid clinging to our legs.
For the kid not yet the glimmer of a thought.

I'm in it for living at the edge of “What is possible?”
For breathing, being, doing.  Reaching.
Stretching for what is out there.
Imagining what could be.
For taking a risk and
losing our balance
so that we may

I'm in it for the feeling that wells up deep within,
Bursting out of us in a joyous shout:
           “That… was… EPIC!”
as we grin ear to ear, eyes lit up,
laughing, reminding, poking
at the screech-owl scowl
of those who stand
with arms drawn,
and always say:
“Not that way.”
“Can’t be.”

I'm in it for the “Yes!” declared by the gap toothed
Super Women and the cowlicked Super Men
gleefully wearing chocolate milk
mustaches, arms akimbo,
ready to fend off
the world’s
with bejeweled
bangles and duct tape
wrist cuffs.  Leaves crunching
under foot. Feet rooted to mother earth. Feet,
unshakably confident, knowing that “I’ve got this.”
Feet following the untrodden path that they well know.

I’m it it
so that we can
find exhilaration in
the unknown. Find answers in the
potent emptiness of a blank canvas.  Discover the
joy to be uncovered through the messy, colorful, craziness
that comes with paintbrushes and the daring of not wearing a smock.

While our
clothes may become
smudged, stained, ruined,
judged by those who frown and cross their
arms in ever no, our ear to ear grins are worth it. 
Our joyful, boundless super hero spirits are worth playing for. 
They are worth giving every ounce that we’ve got to give, in ever now.

Join me.  Reach out, stretch for what is out there.  Release the fire-
works that lay dormant inside of you, waiting.  Waiting for
the matchstrike that will set them free for all of
the world to marvel at.  Set the shimmering
sparkle of your gap-toothed grin free
for the sake of the kid inside you
for the sake of the kid in me
for the sake of the kid
clinging to your leg
for the kid who is
not yet the
of an

- Jen Winick Miller, 2017