If you are like many who visit this site, life's probably got you feeling stretched thin, bottled-up, over-filled, totally depleted, or tangled up inside.  And you're probably feeling really done with it being that way!  

Many of the clients I work with are navigating the hell of divorce or it's aftermath, are struggling to keep their head above water while trying to ensure that their kids soar, or are feeling out of sorts because they're single.

A common thread through these situations is that all of your attention tends to be directed outside of your self.  More likely than not, you are spending inordinate amounts of time: 

  • trying to anticipate or deal with other people's demands and reactions
  • attending to other people's needs, wants, and desires (and your hopes for them)
  • searching for the one thing or person that will make it all better

Wellness Coaching offers an effective process through which you can re-calibrate your life - 
by making sure that you are kept in the picture!


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